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Our Children Are God’s Children



Our children are God’s children.  They are on ‘loan’ to us.  What a concept huh?  I was sitting the other day by myself thinking of how I don’t always treat my children the best. I take out my anxiety on them with yelling, screaming and threatening.  I want to change these qualities about me but struggle so much.  I pray all the time on it and consistently find myself saying sorry not only to God but also my children for the way I act.

So it just came to me on this day.  They aren’t MY children…  They are God’s children.  He gave them to me to look after while they are here on earth.  I never REALLY thought of that way.  It’s a crazy concept but guess what?  It’s true.  We as parents are blessed to have our children.  We are blessed with their whole package including their good qualities, their flaws, their quirks and all.  We have a big responsibility if you think of that way.

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Lenten Season

Today I just wanted to touch base about an idea I had for Lent.

I had planned on coming up with ideas of what to do with your kids during this preparatory season or helping them to decide what they were going to give up.  But, I have been watching a few movies or shows about prisons and have seen a lot of news with so much violence going on.  I have come up with a different thought for this season.

During this time instead of giving something up or trying to do something positive I have a radical idea.  What if each and every one of us were to pray for someone who we would never want to pray for.  Some examples are; those who are pushing us around at school, those who are torturing people around the world, those who are accused of murder, or gang members.  These and so many others may not have anyone praying for them.  They need our prayers desperately.  How miraculous would it be if they got our prayers for 40 days.


I told my children about my new idea and they liked it.  They thought it was a great idea. So not only am I praying for someone who I may not necessarily think deserves my prayers but I am teaching my children a valuable lesson.  It’s easy to pray for those who ask for our prayers or our loved ones who need them.  Let’s challenge ourselves to think of those causing evil in the world.  I truly believe in the miracle of prayer and while we may not see any change,  God may be working his magic in their hearts.



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To be Open on Thanksgiving or Not, That is the Question


So I have been seeing a lot of post on Facebook about stores that will be open on Thanksgiving and then posts with stores that will not be open.  There are also posts that ask if you will shop or not.  At first I was one of the advocates against being open.  Now I am not sure how I feel.  Here are my different thoughts on it.


1. Shouldn’t we be spending Thanksgiving with our families giving thanks instead of out shopping?

2. What happen to the good old days of black Friday?  You got to spend Thanksgiving with your family and then if you wanted to go shopping bright and early the next day you could.

3. What about those who do not have any family or those who need to work to support their family?

I started working in the workforce when I was 16.  I worked in the food line at a local nursing home.  They were open every day, just like police, firemen, hospitals and our military.  If you worked on a holiday you got extra pay.  I was down in the dumps one year and wanted to work to earn extra money instead of being at home.  It was just for a few hours so what was the big deal?

4. What if certain employees want to work on those holidays?  If the company wants to be open and they have employees volunteering to be there than why not?

5. What about those people who lost loved ones or are alone during the holidays and it isn’t necessarily a happy time for them.  What if going to work instead of sitting home would make them happy?

6. There are plenty of people out there that live pay check to pay check.  What if getting that extra pay for working during a holiday would mean heat in the winter, food to eat or presents for their children at Christmas?  Shouldn’t those companies that want to have that option for their employees have it?

7. If you don’t want to shop you don’t have to.

Now I don’t agree with the stores that are choosing to be open and forcing certain employees to be there instead of with their families.  I don’t think that is right.
Each of us can choose whether or not we are going to shop on Thanksgiving Day.  So my thought is shouldn’t those who may want to work have that option too if there company is thinking of offering it?

Here are some stores open


Here are some that are closed





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4 Things I am Not


So you must be thinking to yourself “Who says that statement (What I am not)?”.  Well I have a very good reason for it.  I am not saying it to be a ‘Debbie Downer’.  As I begin this journey I want to be real.  If you are going to visit my webpage often I want you to know the truth about it.  The honest truth.

1.  I am not a professional writer and do not have my own editor or writer.  As you read you may come across wrong punctuation or incorrect grammar.  I apologize now and hope I get better and better at my English

2.  I am not an expert on the Catholic church.  I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school up to college (even though I think my college was too).  Yet, I have realized how little I truly know about the Church.  So as I learn all the wonderful stuff (and maybe not so wonderful) there is to know I want to share it.  It is then up to each of you to decide what you will do with that information.  I am not trying to make anyone believe what I do but I feel I should share with the hopes that it could help someone.

3.  When I became pregnant with my first child I had wanted to write a book and began but never finished.  Me being a mother to my newborn became more important.  Then shortly after I became pregnant again.  I have realized that I can share what I have wanted to without having to write it in a book.

4.  I am not a perfectionist and I like it that way.  My web page, my home, myself, and my family will never be perfect and I think that is OK.  I want to be accepted for what I am and not for what I am not.  I hope you will continue to come back and see how me and my page grow and change.

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Trying to Find a Balance


When I first got married I was living in a new area and my only close friends were my husband’s family and relatives.  I only went out when we were doing something with family.  After having the children and changing from a working individual to a stay at home mom I found myself struggling.
After my first son was born I found myself becoming moody and more times than not depressed.  I wasn’t getting out and if I was going out it was with family.  Date night had become a night on the couch watching a movie (even though I usually fell asleep).

So by the time my youngest was born I was desperately in need of getting out more.  Once a week my husband would take the kids to his mom and dad’s house so I could have the night off but that wouldn’t happen.  Yes, I got the night off and I loved having peace and quiet but I would spend the time cleaning the house, not relaxing.  I was getting more depressed as time went on and I knew I needed to do something about it.

In 2010-2011 my church announced a Cornerstone Retreat for women in Jan/Feb 2011.  January is the month of my birthday so I asked my husband if I could have that as my gift and he said yes.  I had gone on retreats in high school and college and loved them.  I find them very rejuvenating and insightful.  Heck, maybe I would even make a friend or two at this one.  Well my life changed after that.
I made a friend or two and I started to become more involved in my church.  I signed up to become a Eucharistic minister which I absolutely loved doing.  The following year I joined the core team of Cornerstone and have been apart of it ever since.  I also signed up to be party of the Rosary society too.  I went from never getting out of the house to being out almost once or twice a week.

I was enjoying my new found life but was also feeling very guilty since I had a husband and 3 little kids at home.

This past year we moved to a new town and I found that all the activities we had going on was becoming too much.  I tell my kids to pick one activity per season they want to do and that is it.  Well I think it was time to take my own advice.
While I loved being a Eucharistic minister I was torn.  My husband doesn’t attend church and my kids are too young to sit in the pews alone.  When I am on the schedule I was either going to church twice just to make sure my kids went or they wouldn’t go to church.  Also, during this struggle it just so happened that my church decided to change the mass times.  The mass I usually went to was going to be changed to a new time so I felt that was my chance to step down as a Eucharistic minister.  Hopefully, when my kids are older I can get back into it.

I am still continuing to figure out what activities to be a part of and which ones need to go on the back burner.  It is not easy but I see so many families racing through life and over exerting themselves.  I don’t want that for me or my children.  I want us to figure out what truly makes us happy and to do that.
I also know that my children and marriage are my first priority besides God and if that means I need to step back from things then that is what I have to do.  I know I can’t be a hermit and let depression take over but I can’t decide that all these new things I have found I can do at one time.  I have to pick the one that is the most positive for me and when my schedule opens up more I can add to it.

I pray that all families who struggle to find balance find peace.  Peace that they do find balance and that we all find happiness in the little things in life.

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