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Never Doubt the Power of Prayer (2)

My heart has been breaking.  It broke a little extra with the recent events in Paris.  It brought me back to Aug 2104 when the first American died at the hands of ISIS, James Foley.  My heart broke then and just continues to break.  Why has nothing changed but only gotten worse?  What is being done?

I’m helpless and it sucks.  Or am I?  I can’t control the government or make anyone stop ISIS.  I can’t stop people from joining them.  I can’t protect those in their path.  I can’t take away the pain or suffering that so many are feeling at the hands of ISIS.

So what can we do?  Pray, pray and pray some more.  The power of prayer is unimaginable.  It is bigger than anything we know.  When we pray though, most of us are praying for those who have died, suffered, and were tortured.  We pray for their loved ones, also the people in leadership positions and those risking their lives every day to protect and care for all of us.  However, we have to go above and beyond.

We need to pray for the leaders of ISIS, the soldiers of ISIS, the suicide bombers and those individuals considering joining ISIS.  We have to pray for the conversion of their hearts and souls.

We have to rise above them.  Be bigger than them.  We can’t let hatred win.

So while there is not much we can physically do to stop ISIS we can pray.  We have to continue to pray and not give up hope.  God hears our cries.  God answers our cries.  AND the best part is Jesus gets it.  He lived the unjust torture.  He felt the pain.  God’s answers may not be the answers we are hoping for or looking for but he does answer.

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The History Of Your Church

How much do you know about the history of your church- (2)

This past session of my CFM (Christian Foundations Ministries) class I was learning about the history of the Church. I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how many people know any of this? I sure didn’t before now’.

Learning about the history of your religion is something I recommend to everyone and if you think you know it, learn about it again. You will be surprised how much you don’t really know. We only covered a fraction of all there is to know, so I am even hoping to have the opportunity to learn more about the Catholic Church’s history.

It has given me hope. Our Church is far from perfect and we may not always get it right and that is when I put my hope in the power of change. Change can be scary but you know what? It can also be beautiful. I have learned about things that have changed through the centuries, some good and some not so good. You can look forward to future posts on some of those changes and what I hope for our future. The Catholic Church may just become even more beautiful than it is now!!!

If you have questions or comments about things you would like to see changed I would love to hear it. Never give up hope that change is possible.

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Our Children Are God’s Children



Our children are God’s children.  They are on ‘loan’ to us.  What a concept huh?  I was sitting the other day by myself thinking of how I don’t always treat my children the best. I take out my anxiety on them with yelling, screaming and threatening.  I want to change these qualities about me but struggle so much.  I pray all the time on it and consistently find myself saying sorry not only to God but also my children for the way I act.

So it just came to me on this day.  They aren’t MY children…  They are God’s children.  He gave them to me to look after while they are here on earth.  I never REALLY thought of that way.  It’s a crazy concept but guess what?  It’s true.  We as parents are blessed to have our children.  We are blessed with their whole package including their good qualities, their flaws, their quirks and all.  We have a big responsibility if you think of that way.

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