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Admiration for Single Parents

042012_Disney_Channel_Premieres_Animated_Series_GoofTroop_TDIDTo all those single or almost single parents out there; I admire you. I wish I could give you the break you so rightfully deserve.

There have been days, like today, where from the time the kids get up to the time they go to bed it is all on me. They have to be in different places and I have to get them there. I also think they know Daddy isn’t going to be around because man are they acting up.
I keep my cool through most of it but by the time dinner is over (I let them pick the dinner to try to make it special) I am at my wit’s end and barely hanging on. I tell myself just a little longer. I can do this.

It is only one day. By the time they wake up daddy will be back and can help me out again. I am lucky it is only one day. I can’t imagine surviving more than one. Yet, there are moms and dads out there that have to. They have to go day in and day out without the support of their spouse or the other parent. My prayers go out to you all.

So the next time you are on the verge of losing it, wanting to give up or feeling alone, know that prayers are being sent your way. You are not alone. Step back, take 5 deep breaths, say a prayer or go stick your face in a pillow and scream. Whatever will help you get through this moment. You can get through it. Heck, post on here and if I see it or others see it we can cheer you on.

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Simple Living Without The Stuff



I once heard a story about a lady who only had one box of all her belongings.  I definitely need a lot more than just one box for all my belongings.  What if something ever happened to me?  How hard would it be on my loved ones to clear out all my stuff?  How painful would that be?  Do I truly need or even use all the stuff I own?

I have always known that less stuff leads to less clutter which can lead to less stress. However, in this day in age it is so hard not to get wrapped up with the idea of ‘keeping up with the Jones’.  I sometimes feel like I am being a bad mom if I don’t let my kids have birthday parties with lots of guests and presents or having the coolest, most popular toys.

Is that what life is truly about?  Is it about having the best of the best or the most?  I want my kids to value relationships and time spent with those people.  I want them to have happy memories of their childhood.  That won’t happen with a mom screaming at them all the time to pick up their stuff.  How can I set an example if I have stuff all over the place?  How many casserole dishes does one person need?  I don’t even make casseroles.

So I am slowly making changes.

I am also trying to teach my children how much I do love them and that no object on earth can show them that.  What I can show them is me working on yelling less and spending more time with them.  Having less materialistic stuff and more family time together shows them the love I want them to know.  They will remember the movies we watch together or the games we play instead of stuff all over the place.

How much of what you have do you truly need or love?  Why are you holding on to it? How freeing would it be to let go of one thing at a time?  Let’s share thoughts and ideas with each other.

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Three Questions I Have Been Asked About Pope Francis


Three questions I have been asked about Pope Francis after his recent visit to America.

1. Why do people want to touch the Pope?  Do they think they will be blessed from touching him?

I do not know why people want to touch him.  What I do know is that he is the successor to Peter and he is unlike any Pope to come before him.  He is a man that so many look up to and admire.  If anyone wanted to just touch the Pope I would love to hear why.

2. So is he another Jesus?

No, there will never be another Jesus but he is truly trying to live the way Jesus wants us to live.  He was given the opportunity to dine with politicians and instead chose to dine with the homeless.  He shows Catholics and non-Catholics the statement ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ in action.

Those of us who are religious know how we are supposed to behave and what we are supposed to do.  However, life and the temptations of life get in the way more times than not.  Pope Francis shows us all how we can do even a little of what Jesus would want us to do.

3. Why is this Pope so special to so many?

In the Catholic Church the Pope is at the top.  He has the nicest everything!  Yet, Pope Francis turns it down.  He sleeps in a small room, rides in a regular car.  He is about having less than more.  He shows us that he truly cares about those that many of us tend to not see or turn away from, the homeless, the imprisoned, and the sick.  He is truly living his faith and beliefs.

When the Pope was here in America he did not go around telling everyone they should become Catholic or that the Catholic faith was the best religion there is.  No he did none of this.  He just led by example.  I know for myself I want to try and follow in his example.

He was given the opportunity to have the inside of his airplane changed around for him on his way back to Rome with a bed or whatever he wanted.  He simply asked to be treated as everyone else and to sit in a seat like everyone else.  Could you do that?  Could you give up luxury if given the choice for the ‘normal’?  I truly don’t know if I could.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the recent visit of Pope Francis.


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