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Drugs and Our Children


This week we received some heartbreaking news, the loss of a young male relative to an overdose of Heroin.  He had been struggling as many do but was unable to win the battle.  My heart immediately broke for him, his parents and his siblings.  I know so many who have fought the battle against drugs or alcohol and many have won.  Yet, when the battle is lost there are no words.

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I recently spoke with some family members who have teenagers about how their behavior is so different when they become teens.  They don’t want to listen, talk or do what is asked.  I think this is true for the majority of preteens and teens.  I know I was one of them (sorry Mom and Dad).  So my husband and I decided that maybe talking to our kids now when they are listening is the way to go.

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So when my boys (8 and 9) got home from school I told them we needed to talk.  I had my sunglasses still on from being outside and my older son thought it was to hide my tears. It went something like this;  I told them that a distant family member died from drugs. The young man was about the same age as their uncle.  This made it more relatable. “When you get older you may or may not meet people or have so-called ‘friends’ who want you to ‘try’ something.  It may be drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.  It will be made to look cool.  You may be made to feel uncool if you don’t try it.  However, by trying it your body may act like it likes it until it no longer has it.  Then the cycle begins.  Your body then thinks it NEEDS it.  If you don’t have it you get really sick.  So you try to get it.”


I explained that it may start with kids who take their mommy or daddy’s medicine when they aren’t supposed to.  “When you have surgery (like mommy did when she had them) the doctor gives you medicine for the pain.  You are only supposed to take the medicine when you are in pain.  When the pain stops you are not supposed to take more.  If you take the medication when the doctor hasn’t told you to your body reacts differently.  Your body may want more and what happens when there is no more?  That is when the kids learn about Heroin because it can be easier to get and can cost less money.  BUT it can also kill you.JesusHeroin3-300x297

When I was a kid we were not faced with these temptations.  Heroin and Crack seemed to be only for rich people or famous people but times have changed.  I want you to know how much we (and God) love you and how much drugs can ruin your life.  You lie, cheat, steal and can go to jail for the drugs.  Once you have been in jail that can affect you the rest of your life.  You may not see the effect now but when you meet the girl you want to marry and start a family with you may not be able to get the right job to support your new family.

I won’t be there with you when you are tempted but I hope you remember now.  My tears are those of love and fear.  We love you with all our heart and life wouldn’t be the same without you in it.  Never forget that.”


God, please be with this family who lost their loved one so young.  Help them through this unimaginable time.  Help all those who are facing addictions of any kind.  Be by the side of those who are about to be tempted for the first time.  Help them to realize it isn’t worth it.  Watch over all those who are struggling and all those who love them.


The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug Free Kids

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A Cornerstone Retreat

cornerstoneWhat is a Cornerstone retreat?
If you attend it very well may end up being a life altering experience for you.  For many it is just that.

A Cornerstone retreat is usually a 26-hour experience for women/men but this year we decided to try a one day retreat.  The retreat can be a spiritual renewal.  It allows each person the opportunity to reflect, renew and strengthen their faith.  It also brings women together in faith, hope and love.  You are able to meet and interact with other women/men, in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.  It also allows for the opportunity to relax, and reflect.


Who is behind the scenes?

Each year a team forms among Cornerstone alumni and they recruit from the previous year’s retreat.   They spend a year working together to build personal relationships, and planning for the next retreat.  Each woman/man shares her/his gifts in a variety of ways such as leading small group discussions, sharing a faith story, planning activities, choosing music, planning meals and selecting decorations for the weekend.  Team members can have specific roles or share job responsibilities.  The team works so hard so those who attend can truly sit back, relax and take in all the weekend has to offer.


This weekend I attended my fifth Cornerstone retreat.  I have attended two as a participant and three times I have been on team.  Each time I feel I get a little something different out of it.  One thing remains the same I feel rejuvenated, closer to God and the other woman who have attended.

st. anne's retreat

I highly recommend this experience (or any other type of retreat) to anyone out there.  It is a wonderful gift to give yourself or someone else.  The unknown can be scary and for many of us our first time was.  Yet, what you will walk away with may just leave you speechless.

I shared a faith story at this year’s retreat and when it came time to finding a prayer to go along with my story I had nothing.  So I decided to write my own.  As a closing to this post I would like to share my prayer with all of you.

God I don’t want to let you down
I want to be the person you created me to be
But life gets in the way
And often times brings me down
I feel I am losing a never-ending battle
Help me
Help me to know you are there
You love me
Even when I may not love myself
You will never turn your back on me
Even when I am pushing you away
Please be the light
When I am surrounded in darkness
Help me to reach out to you
Not only when things are bad
But when it is good too
Thank you for creating me
And loving me unconditionally
by, Sheila S

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America Stay Beautiful


So this week I watched a movie entitled America: Imagine The World Without Her.  It really got me thinking about the next Presidential election.  I was taught that when you turn 18 it is your responsibility and duty to register to vote and to actually vote.  So since I was 18 I have always voted for the President.  However, the one I voted for has never ever been elected.  Does that mean I should stop voting?  Sure, I have thought that.  I have thought, why bother if the one I want is never going to win?
Well let’s take it over to the Catholic Church for a minute.  We do not get to pick who will be the next Pope but if we could I was voting for someone else this last time around.  I was bummed that the person I wanted wasn’t picked.  Yet, I think Pope Francis is just what the world needs right now.  While I may not have been able to have a say in who became the next Pope I did pray for the Church.
In recent years I have seen so many turning away from the Catholic Church.  Heck, I even thought about it.  Yet, I have learned that God wants us to pray, not turn our backs on each other.  So I prayed for the Church and prayed and prayed.  Were my prayers answered?  I think so.  I believe Pope Francis was an answer to so many people’s prayers.  As I have said he is a role model for all of us, Catholics and not.
So do I see our Government not what I had hoped it would be?  Yes, but does that mean I will turn my back on my country?  No.  I will pray and hope that the good people out there step up and offer to run our country.  Even if we are not too hopeful for our next presidential election, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote or care.  I thought about saying we need to educate ourselves on the candidates but honestly I am not sure that is the answer.  They tell us what we want to hear in order to get our votes.
So my wish is that we all start adding our country and the government to our prayers. That we pray the right candidate will step forward and that they win.  I hope that everyone over 18 will make sure they are registered to vote.  That when each of us goes in to cast our vote we pick the one that will be best for our country.  We can make a difference.
Here is a link with information on getting registered to vote



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