Lenten Season

Today I just wanted to touch base about an idea I had for Lent.

I had planned on coming up with ideas of what to do with your kids during this preparatory season or helping them to decide what they were going to give up.  But, I have been watching a few movies or shows about prisons and have seen a lot of news with so much violence going on.  I have come up with a different thought for this season.

During this time instead of giving something up or trying to do something positive I have a radical idea.  What if each and every one of us were to pray for someone who we would never want to pray for.  Some examples are; those who are pushing us around at school, those who are torturing people around the world, those who are accused of murder, or gang members.  These and so many others may not have anyone praying for them.  They need our prayers desperately.  How miraculous would it be if they got our prayers for 40 days.


I told my children about my new idea and they liked it.  They thought it was a great idea. So not only am I praying for someone who I may not necessarily think deserves my prayers but I am teaching my children a valuable lesson.  It’s easy to pray for those who ask for our prayers or our loved ones who need them.  Let’s challenge ourselves to think of those causing evil in the world.  I truly believe in the miracle of prayer and while we may not see any change,  God may be working his magic in their hearts.



copyright 2015 Sheila M Scarpulla. All rights reserved. No reproduction without written consent


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